DOMESTIC, a photography exhibition that questions us on the nature of the domestic sphere.

The show examines something as everyday and familiar as the contemporary Western home.

The Photographic Social Vision Foundation, with the support of Obra Social Caja Madrid, presents DOMESTIC, an international exhibition that through over 300 documentary and artistic photographs causes us to reflect on the household as a crucial space for the development of our contemporary society. The show, curated by Arianna Rinaldo and Silvia Omedes and produced by Obra Social Caja Madrid, is the result of thorough research that has brought together anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists and historians with the aim of questioning the domestic realm, a complex, problematic, ever-changing space that, perhaps due to being so private and everyday, has not been the subject of self-reflection by society. The exhibition can be visited from 28 April to 27 June at the Espai Cultural Caja Madrid in Barcelona.

The exhibition consists of 8 thematic blocks. In the last one, An Online Space, we try to show how the new technologies entered in our homes and modified our relationships. This block speaks two about the way we show our more intimate reality hereby the images and videos we published online in the very numerous virtual social reds .

Mediacciones, UOC’s investigators collective (Open University of Cataluña) dedicated to the socio cultural study of Internet, the digital Technologies and the news Medias, developed an investigation about the presence of “domestic’s photography” on Internet for the exhibition DOMESTIC.

Would you like to share yours home photos with us? Upload your images to this Flickr group to participate in DOMESTIC!

The Domestic Social Vision’s group wall will be part of the exhibition, directly connecting to the show room by computers.
Besides, the exhibition’s curators will realize a final selection of all the photographs shared in this group to create a big mosaic impressed on the wall of the last exhibition room. This visual epilogue is a way to represent all people who share images of his own intimacy and private reality online.
If your photograph is selected you’ll be accredited.
If your photograph is selected by the curators you’ll receive a message to complete your personal information.

Thank you very much to participate and to make this Project bigger!
Welcome to DOMESTIC

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Photographic Social Vision


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